Ironclad Drake
750 g

Ironclad Drake

Conquest - Dweghom

Parabellum Wargame


Figurine en résine à monter et à peindre.


Clad in a shell of Dweghom-worked steel, an Ironclad Drake is a primordial incarnation of battle. Its already tough hide has been covered in thick iron plates, its vulnerable head and neck encased in steel. Warlike and proud like no other race, it should come as little surprise that the Dweghom have taken to displaying the might and prowess of their hold and history from the back of these powerful beasts. The greatest warriors among their kind, the Hold Raeghs, can often be seen riding these lumbering beasts, their swaying gait making the banners hanging from it ripple even as their roars drown the din of battle. This set arrives to you with three different posable heads so you can customize your warrior. Be sure to add the Raegh Drake Rider for added game play benefit (sold separately)

How they Play:
These formidable beasts are utilized in battle as mounts, and even after their rider's demise, they persist in their unending servitude, bearing the body and colors of their eternal master. In the Dweghom culture, "eternal" often means "until the next Dweghom rises with enough Aghm to claim this magnificent beast as their own mount." This notion alone motivates Dweghom in the presence of such a creature to fight with unmatched zeal, amplifying the ferocity of Dweghom attacks to unparalleled heights. This isn't even considering the presence of a powerful, fully-armored Drake wreaking havoc on enemy front lines.

WARNING: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts. Essential pointed components.
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