The Silver Bayonet - Canada
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The Silver Bayonet - Canada

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Supplément en anglais pour The Silver Bayonet.


The newest The Silver Bayonet supplement, Canada, is out next month! Hear from newcomer author to the series, Ash Barker, about some of his inspirations and what you can expect from this fresh setting...

"I was born in Toronto, a city built atop one of Canada’s Great Lakes. These massive fresh bodies of water are almost large enough to be considered inland seas. For thousands of years they fed early humans and the wildlife that made their home here. While early humanoid life was spreading from Africa across the world and shaping the lands of Europe and Asia, the vast expanses of North America sat mostly empty and wild.

The early pioneers of humanity that crossed over from Asia during the Ice Age found an incomprehensibly vast expanse of wilderness. For tens of thousands of years they built lives and communities within these lands until European explorers arrived here only a few short centuries ago. They too were humbled by its enormity and utterly unprepared for the scope and power of the place. Different from those first peoples, European colonists brought with them some things that this land, in turn, was unprepared for. Industry along with disease and politics had grown to be powerful forces in Europe and by the time of our story, were its primary exports.

This book is quite personal to me. My formative experiences growing up as a Canadian descendant of British, Irish, and French colonists has been in the aftermath of that tectonic cultural and environmental collision. Modern North America is a product of an enormous portion of largely untouched planet Earth, inhabited by humans mostly in harmony with it, crashed into by a different branch of humankind absolutely convinced of its manifest destiny to master every inch of creation.

The Silver Bayonet is set in the period where that conflict is raging. The Harvestmen and their desire to stoke war and strife by which to siphon negative energy further draws us into disagreement with the supernatural and mythological. This period of disagreement with both natural and unnatural forces is a prime setting to explore these stories.
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