Power Rangers RPG - Adventures in Angel Grove
Renegade Game Studios
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Power Rangers RPG - Adventures in Angel Grove

Renegade Game Studios


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Go Go Power Rangers!

Rita Repula’s forces are attacking Angel Grove, as always, but this time something’s REALLY gone haywire! People are missing from all over the city, Zords are on the fritz, and it seems like even Rita doesn’t know what’s gone wrong!

In this four part adventure, your team of Power Rangers will solve a mystery that leads to places on which no human has set foot on...yet!

Grab your Power Morphers and get ready: Angel Grove is depending on you!

Let’s go Rangers!

This book contains everything you need to run an epic game for characters level 1 through 5:

Complete rules an epic four part adventure through Angel Grove and beyond!
New threats to fight and new maps for tactical combat
Explore Angel Grove with a map of the Angel Grove metro, from Trang Canyon to Angel Pier
For use with your customized Power Ranger characters from any team, era, or your imagination!
This adventure is recommended for 4-7 characters of level 1-5
Requires Power Rangers Core Rulebook to play

Full adventure campaign for a team of Power Rangers
Explore many locations in Angel Grove and beyond!
For a party of level 1-5 Rangers
Requires Power Rangers Core Rulebook to play
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