Marching Order - Quick and Dirty #1
Crumbling Keep
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Marching Order - Quick and Dirty #1

Crumbling Keep

Supplément en anglais pour Marching Order.


* You need the core set to play this delve.

Headmeister Dunberger Geiterheim is covered in scratches and questionable stains. Sure, it could be mustard, but judging from the state of the man, thats not your first guess. Apparently, he was attacked by wererats in the old Decaying Manse and he blames you! The Headmeister wants you to go back in there and clear out every last wererat so he can return to his favorite brewery. Youre not sure how you got into this mess, but at least hes offering to pay.

Get your gear and get ready, Rogues- were going back to where it all began. This adventure through the Decaying Manse will take you back down that old familiar hallway, but dont get confused- a lot has changed since the last time you were here. Oh, and if you think Dunberger is telling you the whole truth, you have another thing coming.

Marching Order Quick and Dirties are short, no nonsense adventure delves that fold out into a 6 panel poster. Get in, pillage what you can, and try to get out alive, all in a single session. From escorting knight to robbing wizards, theyre great for a quick game night treat. Oh, and dont worry- just like any Marching Order delve, they have plenty of bullshit.
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