To Change
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To Change



To Change is a rules-light RPG where players will find themselves faced with a shared experience of a transformation in the body and mind. Whether the change is something terrible to be avoided or something wonderful to be pursued, whether it is something enigmatic or anticipated, the possibilities are limitless.

The system is setting agnostic, with adventures that span a wide range of genres to cover themes of body horror and lost humanity, as well as self discovery and the joy of taking on a new form.

How it Plays
To Change uses a 22 card tarot deck of the major arcana to facilitate exciting action resolution and easy character building. You don't need skill at interpreting tarot to play; all the cards have ascribed functions. Players select cards to represent the facets of their character's personalities, as well as drawing cards to determine success and failure. Of course, players can always succeed by just Succumbing to their changes, moving ever closer to reaching the point of Permanence from which there is no reversal.

To Change is designed for short 'one-shot' adventures with a GM/Storyteller who leads the action, and one to five players. There is also a detailed solo journaling mode, tables to create your own changes, and suggestions for adding transgender changes to your games.

Included in this beautiful 200+ page rulebook are over 40 full page illustration and 11 ready-to-play adventure modules, each with their own change crosses. Immerse yourself with stories of transformations into mermaids, werewolves, kobolds, horses, dinosaurs, aliens, and many other beyond human forms.
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