Constant Downpour
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Constant Downpour

Spicy Tuna RPG


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Constant Downpour is a psychological sci-fi thriller based on Ray Bradbury’s short story, “The Long Rain”.

In Constant Downpour, players are Space Military soldiers who have just been dispatched to Venus in response to a distress call. SD-021, a sun dome located deep in the Venusian jungle, is under attack and requesting immediate backup.

Most soldiers deployed there become insane from the constant downpour, lack of sleep, and hallucinations caused by the atmosphere. Others die at the hands of Venusian soldiers, fall victim to lethal traps, or the horrors of the planet itself.

Constant Downpour is a 48 page system-neutral campaign setting that will fit easily into your favorite sci-fi RPG such as: Mothership RPG, Stars Without Number, or Starfinder.

If includes:

6 Adventure Phases full of ambient description tables
12 Maps
10 Retro sci-fi weapons (3 guns, 3 grenades, 4 stim packs)
30+ encounters, monsters, and traps
Supplemental rules for river rafting, using venom and poison, and utilizing illusions.
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