Sons of Lady 87: An Ogre Gate Campaign
Bedrock Games
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Sons of Lady 87: An Ogre Gate Campaign

Bedrock Games


Campagne en anglais pour Ogre Gate


Sons of Lady 87 is a campaign book for Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. Lady 87 Awaits. Explore the criminal life of the southern empire, a place of thieves, bandits, celestial plume dealers, killers, and prostitutes. Join the Eighty-Seven Killers and serve Lady 87 as she secures her power against encroaching forces that push feuding criminal sects towards war. Sons of Lady 87. This is a campaign book with a focus on the gangs and criminal sects vying for power in the Empire’s southernmost region. It provides a full sect war sandbox, packed with new organizations and tons of NPCs. It also includes at-the-table advice on running Ogre Gate campaigns and bringing the game world to life. Crime, Vengeance and Survival. The book was developed around campaigns where the PCs were members of the Eighty-Seven Killers or other criminal groups. But it also serves righteous campaigns, providing an endless assortment of enemies for law-abiding characters.

It includes: A complete overview of Fan Xu Prefecture, its culture, districts, magistrates, settlements, sects, and more. New sects, criminal organizations and two new profound sects. Guidance for managing sect wars. A full overview of the criminal organization the Eighty-Seven Killers. New Kung Fu Techniques, profound techniques, equipment and monsters. A regional map, maps of Tung-On, Mai Cun, and more.
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