Cybermetal 2012
World Champ Game
380 g

Cybermetal 2012

World Champ Game


CyberMetal 2012 is a roleplaying game of demons, metalheads, and weirdos surviving and thriving in an isolated city of warped technology in an alternate timeline featuring tons of analog ink illustrations, intuitive dice mechanics for fans of Mothership® or Blades in the Dark, fascinatingly weird worldbuilding, and much more.

Cybermetal 2012 runs on a quick and efficient d100/2d10 system that feels intuitive for any experienced roleplayer but is easy to learn for newcomers too. When a character wants to do something difficult, awesome, or particularly interesting, they roll d100 hoping to get equal to or under a given Skill Threshold to determine success/failure. The player chooses one of their d10 and assigns it as the amount of damage they give/battery charge they lose with their chosen action. The remaining d10 determines the Fallout, or how things get better or worse for the gang from there. Items, social standing, faction interactions, assistance, and more can affect these variables, allowing players the opportunity to get clever and skew things in their favor while still allowing casual players compelling options with dynamic results. Different Hardware (physical body), Operating Systems (role/class), and swappable Software (momentary specialty or sub-class) give players varied abilities that bend these basic rules, as well as offering specialized gear, unique contacts, social responsibilities, and more, making every character decision an interesting one with tons of story potential attached.
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