Bestiarium Vocabulum: A TinyD6 Bestiary (hardcover, standard color book)
Fat Goblin Games
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Bestiarium Vocabulum: A TinyD6 Bestiary (hardcover, standard color book)

Fat Goblin Games


A Monstrous Compendium For Tiny Dungeon: Second Edition

When orcs, dragons, and rampaging elephants just won’t do to keep your adventuring party challenged — we’ve got you covered!

This book is written to be used with Tiny Dungeons: Second Edition, but it is also compatible with any other setting in the TinyD6 line from Gallant Knight Games.

Within the pages of this tome you will find over 150+ new creatures — some malevolent, some benign, and others inhumanly indifferent — to challenge, terrify, inspire, and enchant your players in new and exciting ways! These unique creatures, each of which has a full description (with Traits) and a color illustration, are grouped into categories for easy reference: Abominations, Giants, Constructs, Undead, Otherworldly, and more — they’re all here in one handy book!

We also created over 60+ new Traits in making the Bestiarium Vocabulum, compiled in an appendix at the end for ease of use when the action is moving quickly and the dice are flying.
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