Survival of the Able (Graphic Font Version) (hardcover, standard color book)
Accessible Games
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Survival of the Able (Graphic Font Version) (hardcover, standard color book)

Accessible Games

They’re coming.

They’re hungry.

But they have no idea who they’re messing with.

In Survival of the Able, you’re a disabled person living in a European almshouse when the Black Death comes to your town. Little is known about where the plague originated or how to stop it, but those who die from it are rising again—and they’re hungry for flesh. Since everyone else has succumbed to the plague, it’s up to a handful of you to make your way out of town and away to safety.

In this game, you will:

Play a disabled character who lives in Medieval Europe during the time of the Black Plague
Encounter challenges such as disease, zombies, burning buildings, terrible weather, fatigue, and stress
Experience discrimination based on your disability, fear that you might have the plague, or both
Overcome incredible challenges against all odds and despite your disability, as able-bodied people around you panic and fall victim to the zombies
Try to avoid a fate worse than death--turning into a zombie and eating your friends.

You may not be the biggest, the strongest, or the fittest, but you’ll come out a better person if you’re able to survive.
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