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MadJay Zero
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Lifted Vault01

MadJay Zero

Lifted is a supers setting fpr Champions Now. Select humans have been Lifted to become superpowered beings by non-human intelligences for unknown purposes. Project: OWL collects intel on these Lifted. Watching, learning without ever interfering or being exposed. Now, as more Lifted manifestations happen in the public worldwide, Project: OWL are the experts, and they can no longer sit on the sidelines, and neither can you!

Lifted is my love letter to the X-Men, WildCATS, StormWatch, Planetary, and Authority. These are the comics I grew up with and grew old with. I love the underdog struggles, the soap opera drama, one-liners, and the reboots. The superpowered Lifted are the setting's focus. They have the full attention of governments and private industries. How do you track them? Control them? How can they be weaponized?

There is no Professor Xavier or Jacob Marlowe - they are fictional characters. So Lifted, what are YOU gonna do Now?

Champions Now RPG is the core system used to stat out the Lifted universe
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