Thunderscape Tiny D6: The Mechanical Manual (softcover, standard color book)
Gallant Knight Games
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Thunderscape Tiny D6: The Mechanical Manual (softcover, standard color book)

Gallant Knight Games

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The Greatest Forces in the World are Magic and Science!

In the world of Aden, the most powerful forces in existence are magic and science. These two forces do not exist independant of one another, however; they are the ends of a broad continuum, and many different points exist between the two. Between the most powerful Archmage and the most brilliant Steamwright exists the cunning Mechamage, and many others. And there are few in the Known Lands who are not familiar with some aspect of these forces. From the simplest cantrips that make village life easier to the most basic steam engine that provides the labor of a ozen men, these powers are all that have allowed life to continue in the disastrous wake of the Darkfall.

The Mechamagical Manual introduces new background information for all different practitioners of magic and masters of science. From the new options introduced for the Archmage Prestige Trait as well as the expanded options for Entomancers, to the new Presitge Trait for Steamwrights allowing them to access amazing and powerful inventions, and the magical options for Mechamages and the new technology for their golems and their Golemoid allies, this book introduces an incredible variety of new mechanics for Thunderscape TinyD6.

Only Science and Magic Can Hope to Defeat the Darkfall!
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