Camp Kingdom Come (softcover, standard color book)
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Camp Kingdom Come (softcover, standard color book)

Quest Giver Games

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It's the End of Summer! And the End of the World! What is a Camp Counselor to Do!?
Camp Kingdom Come is a rules-light roleplaying game where players play the roles of Bible Camp Counselors during the Apocalypse. They must shepherd a group of unruly Campers through various tribulations - at least until their parents pick them up on Sunday night.

This game is a submission for the PocketQuest Game Jam from DriveThruRPG. Thanks everyone who submitted, and OneBookShelf for putting this on, we had a blast making this!

Although the game presented here is focused on a bible camp and a biblical apocalypse, Game Masters are encouraged to use the system presented for any type of camp and any type of apocalypse.

Includes Camp Counselor / Cabin Roster Sheet.

Content Warning: this game contains religion, serial killers, lake monsters, arsonists, violence, death, satire, and kale. There are children involved in practically every scene. As written, it is not for every table.
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