Breakfast Cult: Game Over (softcover, standard color book)
Weird Age Games
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Breakfast Cult: Game Over (softcover, standard color book)

Weird Age Games


Supplément en anglais pour Breakfast Cult


Game Over is the first major expansion pack for Breakfast Cult, the Fate Accelerated game of cosmic horror and high school drama. It expands on the main setting with over fifty pages of DLC content, including:

• A closer look at Weird Age tech, like cybermancy and artificial intelligence
• A guide to running games set in virtual reality worlds, like that isekai anime you like
• Seven Factions competing for influence in Occultar—join the Student Council, help their rivals in the Computer Appreciation Society, or embrace capitalism with Arc Zaibatsu
• Seven fresh sample characters with all-new Agendas, from wannabe ninja Athena Darkroad to ki-throwing martial artist Konami Kouda
• New encounters that should fit right into your normal school life—a sukeban chef, an AI counselor, Tony Bagels, and more
• Three new Ancient Ones with a digital theme—a rogue superintelligence, a virus from outer space, and a new Cold One hiding inside a virtual reality world
• More pointless references than you can shake a weeb at
• No microtransactions

Whether you're looking to enhance an existing game of Breakfast Cult or start a new adventure, your school life is about to get weirder. Game Over was created as a stretch goal for the Breakfast Cult Kickstarter. Thanks to the backers for making this possible!
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