Trabajo: A Red Markets Portfolio (softcover, standard color book)
Hebanon Games
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Trabajo: A Red Markets Portfolio (softcover, standard color book)

Hebanon Games

Supplément en anglais pour Red Markets


In countless slaughterhouses around the Midwest, the old world sent cattle and dreams to die in equal measure. Only the most marginalized and destitute slaved away on the killing floors, their health traded away as cheaply as the flesh they processed. As the Crash descended and the Blight taught people about true hunger, the tall fences, metal grating, and concrete walls of the abattoir were suddenly reappraised. Now, Trabajo is one of the strongest enclaves in the Loss: its fortunes reversed, its workers ressurgent, and its herds replaced by hordes. Unfortunately, Takers aren’t invited to partake in the bounty of the casualty lines. If they want to get rich, they’ll have to go out and kill for it: just like everyone else.

In this supplement for the Ennie-award nominated Red Markets, players take on the role of Takers in the Trabajo enclave: a fully-realized, pre-made setting ready for campaign play. The contracts the crew completes determine more than just their own survival.

Contents include…

Trabajo: The enclave’s history, government, neighborhoods, and VIPs are ready to play, serving to jumpstart a campaign or as NPCs in your home game.

Oil Be Back: Formerly common foodstuffs have become precious luxuries in the Loss. Takers must transfer a delicate cargo across the wasteland, risking their lives for someone else’s breakfast.

Schoolhouse Sensors: The sensors used to sell cheap snacks out of vending machines are more advanced than anything the enclave can hope to produce. Takers are sent to retrieve the equipment from a local high school, but they find a student body they never could expect.

Post-Apocalyptic Pay Day: There’s not much worth stealing from a post-Crash bank...unless it’s the key to the ongoing conflict between The Moths and The Recession. Takers must rob from the living and the dead to keep themselves afloat in the tides of war.
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