Le Corbusier: A Red Markets Portfolio (softcover, standard color book)
Hebanon Games
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Le Corbusier: A Red Markets Portfolio (softcover, standard color book)

Hebanon Games

Supplément en anglais pour Red Markets


When the Crash came, Jeannette Architectural College used its brutalist architecture to fortify against the hordes of undead. But five years on, the concrete blocks and shipping containers of their fortress are far from self-sustaining, and rivalries between the enclave's power brokers make for a political deadlock only outsiders can break. Luckily, there are plenty of desperate Takers with debts that will never die, betting their lives in an attempt to escape a world of disaster capitalism and supernatural terror. In this supplement for the Ennie-award nominated Red Markets, players take on the role of Takers in the Le Corbusier enclave: a fully-realized, pre-made setting ready for campaign play. The contracts the crew takes on can shape the community's fate or seal it.

Contents Include:
Le Corbusier: The enclave's history, government, neighborhoods, and VIPs are ready to play, serving to jumpstart a campaign or as NPCs in your home game.
Meat is Murder: The enclave's most connected political figure seeks to betray some very powerful friends from the Recession. With the starvation of the whole enclave on the line, its up to one group of Takers to serve as cut-outs in his scheme.
Prodigal Lives: The richest man in town wants to provide a gift to his son: the extermination of his Blight-infected spouse. But nothing in Le Corbusier's twisted power structure is as it seems. The question isn't whether the client is lying; it's whether the Takers can discover the truth before it's too late.
For-Profit Education: Orphans inside the wall have been left to run wild or suffer under religious indoctrination. One noble woman wants to open a real school in the enclave, but its curriculum must be wrenched from the corpse of a dead city. The contract pays well enough, but the lessons in the Loss carry a deadly price.
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