Verblen Goods: A Red Markets Gear Guide (softcover, standard color book)
Hebanon Games
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Verblen Goods: A Red Markets Gear Guide (softcover, standard color book)

Hebanon Games

Supplément en anglais pour Red Markets


The cutthroat ideologies of capitalism, like Casualties, did not die with the apocalypse. Every Taker knows that their equipment is all that keeps them alive in the wilds of the Loss. The most successful Takers still seek to exhibit their prowess and affluence. Conspicuous consumption still impresses those that can afford it.The Veblen Goods Catalogue provides the discerning Taker with all the resources needed to showcase (and expend) their hard-won Bounty.

In this supplement for the Ennie-award nominated Red Markets, players can find new weapons, equipment, vehicles and upgrades that are ready for purchase for those who've made it big enough to afford them.

Contents Include…

Optional Rules: From critical failures in combat and radiation exposure to PVP and two-weapon fighting. Even new rules for purchasing discounted equipment are now available for the Market and Takers on a tight budget!
Tools & Technology: More than 20 new pieces of gear to make Taker work that much easier for those that can afford them! From multi-tools to motion sensors and even cell jammers. No job is impossible for the affluent!
Vehicles: 11 new vehicles, including boats, airplanes and helicopters! New vehicle upgrades provide excellent opportunities for Takers to sink their hard-earned Bounty!
Weapons: Over 20 new weapons for Takers to put to their grisly use. Everything from slingshots to chainsaws to vehicle-mounted heavy weapons. Show the Loss how great your crew really is!
Overall, the Veblen Goods Catalogue contains 68 new items and 25 new upgrades for Takers to blow their bounty on!
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