Magonomia, The Roleplaying Game of Renaissance Wizardry
Shewstone Publishing
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The Roleplaying Game of Renaissance Wizardry

Shewstone Publishing

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Magonomia™ is the tabletop roleplaying game of Renaissance wizardry. The player characters are wizards whose magic is based on authentic sixteenth century folklore. Together, they explore mysteries in a world steeped in invisible spirits, enigmatic faeries, and secret societies.

Magic is the secret that cannot be told.

The Mysteries of Magic
Your wizard will wield one of the noble Sciences of magic: alchemy, astrology, theurgy, sorcery, or witchcraft. Their spells enable wondrous feats such as invisibility, flight, even forecasting the future. Innovative divination rules mean magic can always advance the story, but never spoils the mystery.

An Age of Wonder and Adventure
Magonomia is set in a fantasy version of sixteenth-century England that has the fantastic elements of Renaissance tales. You might meet the elemental spirits of Shakespeare's The Tempest, the faeries of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the witches of MacBeth. Werewolves prowl the Yorkshire moors. Ghosts haunt the alleys of London. A host of invisible spirits swarm through the world and can be commanded by those who know their secret names. Enchanted England is a place of wonder and peril, a world ripe for adventure!

About the Core Rules

This hefty 379-page tome is the Magonomia core rulebook. It includes:

All the rules you need to play. Fate Core System rulebook is not required.
190 spells across five magical Sciences.
Over 60 pages of lore and detail about the Enchanted England setting.
A Bestiary of 16th-century spirits and creatures.
A GM's Sourcebook chapter full of plot inspiration, NPCs, and unique creatures.
Praise for Magonomia
"No one is ever going to do a better researched, more textured, or more interesting game about Elizabethan wizards. And Elizabethan wizards are great!" - Richard Marpole,
"Add wizards to the politics and magic to the exploration and discovery and you simply have a recipe for wonder." - John Sharp, More Than Just Gaming

"if you love playing wizards that are not grossly worldshaking and all-powerful, or ... limited by spell slots, you should definitely give this game a look." - Death By Mage
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