Dime Adventures: Quick-Start (softcover, standard color book)
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Dime Adventures: Quick-Start (softcover, standard color book)

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The year is 1904, but in a world that never was!
Dinosaurs still roam forgotten corners of the land. Alien influences operate from the skies. Mystics wield ancient powers, while strange new sciences promise to change the world. The dead rise from the grave. All the while, modern movements sweep the globe, and bold explorers venture deep into the unknown or delve into forgotten ruins.

The world is ripe for adventure!

Dime Adventures is a pulp alternate history roleplaying game using the Saga Machine system. This quick-start includes:

A brief overview of the Dime Adventures setting.
A complete pulp adventure scenario designed for a single evening’s play.
Five pregenerated player characters, including stats and background information.
All of the game rules necessary to play the included scenario, as well as to give players a taste for the Saga Machine system.
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