Earthdawn 4 - Companion (Collector Hardcover)
FASA Games
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Earthdawn 4 - Companion (Collector Hardcover)

FASA Games


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An age of magic once existed in our world.

Lost to history, this time is remembered in the echoes of myth and legend. Humans lived alongside the elves, dwarves, trolls, orks, t'skrang, windlings, and obsidimen. The wild places of the world were home to gryphons, shadowmants, and other fantastic beasts.

The land was once besieged by the Horrors, foul creatures from the depths of astral space that sought to feed upon and destroy all that was living and good. Their time, the Time of the Scourge, has passed, and the people have returned to the surface, reclaiming the lands that were once their home.

Brave heroes band together to explore the land of Barsaive, fighting the Horrors that remain and protecting their homes and families from those that would enslave them.

The Companion provides expanded rules for players and Game Masters, taking the adventure beyond Eighth Circle, introducing new challenges, Talents, Knacks, and other tools needed to forge your legend. Make your story an epic tale that will be carried into the next Age!
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