Forest Soul - Relentless Dosh - Wonderkid & Nasty Goat
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Forest Soul - Relentless Dosh - Wonderkid & Nasty Goat

Rumbleslam - The Game of Fantasy Wrestling

TT Combat


Figurines en résine à monter et à peindre.


“No doubt you’ve heard of Relentless Dosh from their sellout arena tours, but this gifted duet are also incredibley skilled fighters! Using their own music as an introduction, the dynamic duo jump into the ring to greet their roaring fans. Dripping with charisma, the two fauns enjoy a popularity that is seldom matched in or out of the ring. When it comes to fighting, however, they are like night and day. Wonderkid uses his incredible presence to turn any potential nay-sayers into diehard fans whilst Nasty Goat focuses on brutal brawling. They claim to know the greatest attack in the world, but refuse to ever perform it. Instead they perform a tribute which is still a marvel to behold as they launch their opponent flying through the air.”
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