Slayne - Drune Heroes
90 g

Slayne - Drune Heroes

Warlord Games


4 figurines en résine à monter et pendre. Photo non contractuelle.
Attention ! Présence de petits éléments susceptibles d'être ingérés.
Ne convient pas aux enfants de moins de 36 mois.


Supreme leader of the Drune Lords, the Lord Weird Slough Feg, a now insane twenty-thousand year old former Horned God laid waste to swathes of Tir Nan Og in the name of his foul master Crom Cruach. Leading his armies of Skull Swords and his wicked priestesses against the tribes of the Earth Goddess, Danu. One such priestess was Medb, a young girl taken from her village as sacrifice but showed great promise to Slough Feg, becoming a Druness instead of perishing in a wicker man conflagration.

Following several clashes with her nemesis, Sláine, she returned under the guise of Megrim, casting a glamour over the King of the Sessair tribe and bending him to her will. Aided by her dwarf assistant, Robym, she caused untold trouble for the Earth Tribes.

This boxed set contains the following Warlord resin figures and plastic bases:

1x The Lord Weird Slough Feg
1x Medb
1x Megrim
1x Robym the Dwarf
3x Character cards
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
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