Purge : Outbreak ! (expansion VO)
400 g

Purge : Outbreak ! (expansion VO)

Core Space

Battle Systems


7 figurines en résine à monter & à peindre.
Ensemble fourni avec tout le matériel de jeu en VO.


Purge: Outbreak is an expansion for Core Space that reinforces the Purge with the menacing Gatherers and the lethal Annihilator. Ramp up the difficulty and defeat these colossal constructs in a series of thrilling new missions, and then add them to your regular games with the new Event Cards. Just don’t let them take you alive!

New terrain infests your boards with living biomass, and new equipment such as the Mother’s Venom will give your crew new ways to survive!

Requires the Core Space Starter Set to play.

1 Purge Annihilator Miniature
1 Purge Mother Miniature
5 Purge Spider Miniatures
2 Character Boards
3 Annihilator Status Inserts
2 Annihilator Upgrade Counters
5 Spider Counters
3 Reward Counters
1 ‘Mother’s Venom’ Equipment Token
New Gaming Terrain

24 Infestations
2 Cell Walls
Plasma Reactor

Mission Briefing and Rules Booklet
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