Tarkin Initiative Labs Map
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Tarkin Initiative Labs Map

SW Assaut sur l'Empire

Fantasy Flight Games

Une carte de jeu pour Assaut sur l'Empire.
A Secret Facility
The Tarkin Initiative Labs Skirmish Map sees players battling throughout the labs of the secret facility, both around its perimeter and the facility's inner depths.
The Tarkin Initiative Labs Skirmish Map not only provides an epic location for you and an opponent to do battle in, it keeps your game organized and at your fingertips. This 26" by 26" slip-resistant mat provides plenty of space for your strike team, your deployment cards and command cards, and your various tokens to occupy. By reducing the setup time on a map to mere seconds, it allows you to jump into your skirmish games with ease.
The Tarkin Initiative Labs Skirmish Map also comes with two different Skirmish cards for easy reference that see players battling to shut down a rogue AI or trying to collect as many abandoned weapons as possible. With your games played out beside beautiful art of a Rebel hero and the menacing visages of BT-1 and 0-0-0, you'll be drawn into the Star Wars galaxy like never before.
The Genesis of Disaster
The Tarkin Initiative created two of the most infamous weapons in the Star Wars galaxy; now, the Initiative’s labs are yours to do battle in. Keep your components right at your fingertips with the Tarkin Initiative Labs Skirmish Map for Imperial Assault!
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