Alcove Vault Suede Collection - Sapphire
750 g


Boite de rangement à fermetures magnétiques fortes, capable de contenir 100 cartes avec double sleeves dans chaque section, avec une section centrale pouvant contenir des dés, tokens ou 100 cartes avec une seule sleeve.
These deck boxes feature a suede-like material that is soft to the touch, with a durable and improved inner shell for long-lasting durability.

Transport your collection safely with the Suede Collection Alcove Vault.
- Closes with multiple magnets on each side of the Vault
- The Vault houses 100 double-sleeved cards in each side section, with an additional center storage cavity for 100 single-sleeved cards, dice, or tokens.
- Sturdy interior ensures your deck stays securely stored when you're on the go.
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