Skytear - Stormsear expansion (VF)
140 g


Stormsear, une extension en VF dans la gamme Skytear, une boîte contenant 4 figurines en plastique déjà assemblées & moulées en couleur. Ensemble fourni avec tout le matériel de jeu, cartes & pions.


Stormsear is an advanced expansion that helps you mix red and yellow heroes together in the same team. Stormsear is recommended to players already owning the Kurumo and Nupten faction expansions.

The expansion contains:

2 Hero Miniatures (38mm)
2 Minion Miniatures (25 mm)
2 Hero Cards (63x88mm)
3 Hero HP Token (30x30mm)
32 Power Cards (63x88mm)
1 Void Palace Card (63x88mm)

An alliance forged by the fire of Kaeno and tempered by the winds of Utsesh, born to face the twin threats of Xotlan and Grialth.

SHAIDRUS, Last Light, defends its allies tirelessly using the sacred relic it used to protect. A statue animated by Divine will, all Utsesh and Kaeno has faith in its determination.

Miniatures are pre-assembled and not painted. Components may vary from those shown.
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