Battle Advanced Expansion Set (BE14)
112 g

Battle Advanced Expansion Set (BE14)

Dragon Ball Super Card Game VO


This set contains 10 new cards all in foil version (5 types x 2 cards each) that will power up cards from UW1! There are all 5 color cards included so they will be useful to all decks colors! EX14 is paired with UW1 — Rise of the Unison Warrior!
1 of the 5 new card types above is a new Unison Card! Power up your deck with the new Unison Card.
For the first time in DBS CG history, an official DBSCG design dice is included! This dice will be useful to mark your Unison cards in battle.

Three (3) UW1 booster packs
Ten (10) new foil cards (5 types x 2 each/holo)
One (1) official DBSCG die
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