Moonchild 'Dogface Huntress'
35 g

Moonchild 'Dogface Huntress'


Corvus Belli


Moonchild, the fearless hybrid from Fort Apache 5 - one of the most dangerous outposts in the Human Sphere-, is a Shape-Shifter who, in moments of rage, transforms from Dogface to Dog-Warrior.

In the HexaDome we have seen Moonchild fight in her Dog-Warrior form but now, by popular request, you can also find her in her Dogface form.

This high-quality metal version of Moonchild offers an alternative design perfect for both, players and collectors.

The original Moonchild can be found in the Double Trouble expansion.

Remember: You’ll need the expansion in order to play with Moonchild Dogface Huntress, because the tactics cards for the character are not included.

Figurine à assembler et à peindre.
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