Kunai solution ninja
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Kunai solution ninja

INFINITY - Panoceania

Corvus Belli


Blister de 1 figurine de la Panoceania pour Infinity, chez Corvus Belli. Figurine en métal à monter & à peindre.

Security resources is what Kunai Solutions offers. And for this, the cover company of the Takemura ninja clan, that means espionage, thievery, assassination and many other illegal activities for money. After all, they are one of the honorless clans who betrayed the Japanese Emperor to keep working for Yu Jing, and also for PanOceania if it pays well. So, what can you expect from them?

This is the regular catalogue version of the Operation Kaldstrom exclusive miniature. Kunai Solutions Ninja with Marksman Rifle. Hire the services of a discreet and deadly shooter.
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