Black Widow (the movie) (1 figurine)
16 g

Black Widow (the movie) (1 figurine)

Heroclix Marvel



Black Widow (the movie), un gravity feed de 1 figurine aléatoire dans l'univers de Marvel pour Heroclix, chez Wizkids. Figurine en plastique pré-peinte. Ensemble fourni avec sa carte de jeu.

Count down to the release of Marvel's Black Widow movie or play out the conflict from the big screen on the tabletop with the Marvel HeroClix: Black Widow Movie Countertop Display, featuring an array of figures and 18 unique dials from Marvel's Black Widow movie!

This set features the Black Widow, her allies, and her enemies from the big screen! This set will feature long-time MCU favorite Black Widow, and several newcomers too! With an impulse-friendly price point, single-figure foil packs are a great purchase for new or experienced players!

Rarity Breakdown:
8 Common Figures
8 Rare Figures
2 Chase Figures
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